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Why did you start AC Eagle?

After working many years in other companies, both Darrell and Jeremy had a good idea of what made an effective engineering consulting company. They share core values of listening to the needs of the company's clients and staff. This benefits the enhancement of the company and its people.

We want to be a small inclusive company that provides effective, economical, common sense solutions for its clients. The focus is to provide value now and into the future. We believe in dealing with approving agencies in a professional and diplomatic manner.

We also want a small personable company that values service, quality, balance, and inclusiveness.

How did you come up with your name?

After narrowing name down possible names from over 100 down to two, Darrell and Jeremy were attending an on-site meeting with a First Nation client. While they were standing there an eagle hovered just above. The client remarked that an eagle overhead is good luck. AC Eagle was born.

How can your company help my organization?

We tailor solutions to meet our client`s needs. We believe in helping the client achieve their goals in the most economical fashion.

What are your areas of expertise?

We can assemble a project team to meet any civil engineering or planning requirements. We contract with a variety of top flight sub-consultants` only as necessary to meet the clients needs. We do have core expertise in the disciplines listed in our AC Eagle profile page.

Receiving an Eagle Feather

At its inception, AC Eagle recieved a blessed eagle feather from Ms. Prette of the Seabird Island First Nation and a limited edition print from an accomplished Seabird Island artist.

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